CEO and Co-Founder

TJ Londagin HeadshotWith more than 20 years of experience in management consulting, TJ brings deep skills in organizational change management, strategy development and business transformation. TJ assists leadership teams in building consensus across diverse stakeholder groups to improve business results, increase adoption and realize project outcomes. He has a proven track record of designing and implementing programs that balance the needs of complex organizations driven by competing priorities. TJ focuses on helping organizations launch new initiatives with an eye toward risk mitigation, communications, leadership engagement, stakeholder buy-in and training support.

TJ’s thoughts on …

Nothing changes unless the people change. Oh, and it doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Our People
Totem doesn’t make widgets. We don’t build cars. We don’t cobble shoes. Our people are our best product. We strive to build the most engaged, challenged, balanced consultancy team on the market. Totem believes happy teammates result in happy clients which result in positive impact and growth.

Work/life balance isn’t about a 40-hour week. No project manager is a precise enough to perfectly plan 40-hours of work consistently from entering the workforce until retirement. We believe in “best life.” Best life is about finding balance that services client needs while creating the most comfortable work environment for our team. We adapt to a client’s culture so if the client gathers daily we join, and likewise on working remotely. So step out for a dental appointment or to see your kid’s band recital – no need to check-in with me. Just make sure client needs are exceeded and always on-time.

Like it or not, email is a business staple. Respond quickly. Address questions specifically. Keep emails short. Also, including photos of cats makes emails more fun. I send a lot of cat photos.




Malarie Mirsky HeadshotWith 14 years of experience in management and IT consulting for government, commercial, and non-profit clients, Malarie brings expertise in strategic communications, change management, and technology adoption. As an experienced project manager and strategist, she also loves solving people-related challenges for clients and leading the roll-out of those solutions. Malarie offers a deep knowledge of project communication methods and change theory. She specializes in bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams and crafting visual stories to motivate people to action — creating lasting, meaningful change.

Malarie’s thoughts on …

You should enjoy what you do, but always determine and communicate your boundaries. It’s a constant give and take. When you feel supported by those around you, the give and take feels organic. You’re more inclined to volunteer for a late-night review one day if you feel comfortable leaving early the next for a kindergarten graduation. Life happens, and Totem proudly meets its people where they are.

This reminds me of what I loved about high school sports. Each employee brings their own strengths, perspectives, and backgrounds, and that’s what makes Totem stronger. We compete together and celebrate our collective wins. We each have the opportunity to find our own position among the team, even if our professional aspirations differ. Not everyone can be the power forward, and that’s okay. Especially if you’re 5’2, like me.

Oxford Commas
Always. Hear that, TJ?


President and Co-Founder

Jen Duff HeadshotJen is a PMP- and Prosci-certified transformation expert who brings more than 20 years of experience helping clients realize cost-savings, streamline operations and align the workforce to new ways of doing business. Jen has successfully managed several highly visible projects at the C-suite level. Her expertise is in building capacity in client organizations and teams to embrace new challenges, and to continuously improve business practices and scale innovation across organizational boundaries. In 2016 Jen was recognized among Workforce Magazine’s Game Changer of the Year, distinguishing the best human resources practitioners and strategists who are dedicated to pushing the profession forward with innovative people-management practices. Known for her welcoming presence and engaging style, Jen’s passion for using original approaches to unlock a team’s potential makes her a highly regarded team builder, advisor and facilitator.

Jen’s thoughts on …

Work is a relationship between the employee and employer – both have a commitment to one another to uphold. Be clear about what you need and expect from that relationship. I always want people to stand up and share their perspectives, experiences and suggestions to make Totem a great place to work.

Be bold and true to who you are. At your core, you are human and offer great things to this world. I try to never forget that and value everyone I work with for who they are (and not what they aren’t).

Perfection is a myth – an unattainable goal that detracts from teamwork, belonging and the true spirit of collaboration. It’s important to recognize your strengths and acknowledge your weaker points. Then, you can engage with members who can compliment each other and create something really great together.