Totem focuses on the intersection of people, change and measured impact. As a Native-American owned small business, we help clients implement actionable solutions that address business challenges while building workforce capacity. Our approach is to meet you where you are. We work with you to collaboratively chart the course for the future – in a way that drives sustainable change and demonstrates clear results.

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CAGE Code: 83GD3

At Totem we believe that connections and interactions among people are at the core of all effective change and organizational performance.
A totem’s purpose is to watch over a group of people – a tribe, clan or family. The word originated from the Algonquian language meaning “kinship group.” Totems help tell the story of the people they represent. We work as a team alongside our clients to make impact and design a new future.
Our culture and values create a unique client and employee experience that sets us apart in the market.

Totem is built on a fundamental belief in diversity, inclusiveness and clear values that drive organizational decision making. We strive to create a work environment that recognizes and promotes individual needs and collective success.

Totem Core Values:

Authenticity – We bring authenticity into everything we do – from relationship building, to client engagement, to developing teammates. Key tenets of authenticity show in our transparency and mutual respect of others.

Curiosity – We are naturally curious. Curiosity helps us seek out the best solutions and continue to grow – resulting in maximized client impact.

Balance – We seek balance in all aspects of life. We continuously assess balance among work, clients, fun, family, friends and personal growth.

Collaboration – We bring together diverse people and ideas to create solutions. Our community of teammates, clients and networks exponentially improve our ideas through connectivity.

Belonging – We believe in creating an environment where people feel free to explore and grow. Belonging is built through trust and is expressed through levity throughout Totem.